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  1. Timothy says

    First of all, I would like to take the time to thank you for your work. The results of study of your supply and demand zones and how price interacts with them more often than not is amazing. I figured I would give back and respond to your question concerning bitcoin. My own answer to this question came when I ran into this gem this morning:

    “The creation of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ultimately meant that only a small percentage of people would qualify as accredited investors. Success within money’s inner circle bred a culture of trade secrets and information asymmetry. Analysts and traders worked their edges and guarded their insight. Information moved within closed circuits of buy-side and sell-side analysts whose work informed limited numbers of investors and traders.” -Nolan Bauerie (article writer on coindesk )

    They had to cover up the actions of the Federal Reserve’s egregious money supply expansion and contraction during the 1920’s and 30’s, so they scapegoated the speculators and created the alphabet soup agency. Yet still, as evidenced by the dot com and 2007 stock bubbles, we can safely call that action an EPIC GIGA-FAIL. We do not teach any financial education in grade schools, so people do not have the knowledge to guard themselves against potential dangers, whether it be a trading account, or a retirement account. We are so heavily regulated financially here in the United States that it stifles opportunity and investment for those who do not have enough zeros in their net worth. IMHO, the frenzy you are seeing is the result of this. Now the little guy has a chance to do what the big boys do on a micro level without some nanny state (at least for now!) telling us we cannot. If you do a search you will also easily find charts that paint a different perspective in that cryptocurrency is nearer to the beginning, not the end of this major bull market for them.

    You helped open that door up a little bit again for me and many others in the meantime with FOREX, so once again thank you and in advance Happy new Year!

    • ForexMentorOnline says

      YOU BEAT ME TO IT :).
      The system is created by the elite to serve the elite despite all the attempts telling us the opposite.Go to youtube and have a look for this guy “dutch banker ronald bernard”….He claims to be ex elite banker/broker and gives some insights how the big money work,the large mass control etc. I am not sure if his claims are true or not but a lot of them make sense…

      In my opinion people are becoming smarter these days and more awake than ever. Cryptos are a great way to escape gov control but gov’s all over the world are trying to control them now already as you’ve seen…China is even considering to control the electricity to the crypto miners.Pathetic..

      Thanks for drooping by and happy new year to you too.


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